Packing Tips For a Safe Move!

We Have Some Basic Concepts To Help You Choose The Right Moving Supplies.
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Packing Tips / Moving Materials

Tape - For Securing All Boxes, Most Common And Easy To Use Is A Plastic Tape Called (PVC).

Whitepaper - Use For Wrapping Fine China Or Dishes. NEVER USE NEWSPAPER! Newspaper Leaves Ink On Your Dishes And It's Impossible To Remove Or It Will Stay On Permanent.

Bubble Wrap - Perfect For Fine China, Collectibles, Glassware And Other Bigger Fragile Items To Help Cushion Materials.

Magic Markers - Will Help You Label And Specify Which Boxes Belong To Each Room.

Shrink Wrap - For Better Protection This Is Wrapped After All The Bubble Wrap & Blankets To Better Secure Your Household Items.

Mattress Covers - Keep Your Mattresses And Box Springs Clean During Moving Or Storing While Protecting Against Soil, Dust And Water Damage.

For any further information or advice on how to pack your household goods feel free to contact us anytime 1-888-772-5900

Moving Boxes

Book Box (1.5 Cu. Ft) - This Box Is Perfect For Books, CD's, DVD's, Office Supplies And/Or Typing Paper.
Medium Boxes (3.0 Cu. Ft) - Ideal For Non-Fragile And Somewhat Heavy Items, Like Toys, Pots, Linen, Folded Clothes, Games, Etc.
Large Box (4.5 Cu. Ft) - Articles That Are Very Light & Bulky, Like Pillows, Comforters And Lampshades.
Dish Box (6.1 Cu. Ft) - Heavy Duty Box With Double Extra Thick Walls Designed Especially For Fragile Items Such As; Dishes, Glasses, Vases, Plates Etc.
Mirror/Picture Box - These Narrow Boxes Can Accommodate Different Size Mirrors, Wall Arts And Glass Table Tops.
Lamp Box (6.0 Cu. Ft) - Designed Only For Large Or Floor Lamps.
Wardrobe Box With Metal Bar (16.1 Cu. Ft) - Ideal For Hanging Clothes And Non-Delicate Items.

PPROX. Box Count Guide

Books - Approx. 40 Books per Book Box (1.5 Cu. ft)
CDs - 190 CDs per Book Box (1.5 Cu. ft)
DVDs - 95 per Book Box (1.5 Cu. ft)
Clothes - Approx. 35 Hangers (or 2 ft of hangers) per Wardrobe Box (16.1 Cu. ft)
Company History

Each move is special, with unique elements and requirements. Precision Moving services considers each move differently; factoring dates, times, elevators, packing requirements and stairs into the final plan. The following basic services can be done singly, or in combination. This is an example of a typical full-service move.
Before the Move

Your move will be priced and scheduled either in person with an on-site estimator or made by Precision Moving Relocation Consultant, by phone, fax, or e-mail.
The Day of the Move

A list of all items to be moved will be made for your convenience. All furniture is blanket-wrapped with moving pads at no charge. As part of our services, movers disassemble and reassemble any time needed.

A local move, in most cases, is a move done from city to city within a state or in a 50-mile radius.

All local moves are regulated by your state's Department of Transportation (DOT).
The industry standard is to figure the charges by the man power and by the time of the move.
At Precision Moving we are given an industry-regulated protection of 30 cents per pound per article, up to $2500, FREE.

Here at Precision Moving you are dealing directly with your moving company. We will guide you from start to finish. Not only will we provide you with a free estimate to help you determine your moving cost, we will also plan your move with you, each step of the way.

Our experienced relocation-consultants team takes the time to listen and to provide you with the most competitive package that is right for your needs and best suited to your budget.

Precision Moving has a fleet of trucks that regularly move goods across the nation. We travel to California and Florida, New York and Canada, and all points in between.